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Customer Testimonials

We strive to do everything we can to ensure our customers satisfaction across the globe. Due to our extreme level in a commitment to excellence we are proud to obtain the majority of our new customers via references from existing customers.

See what actual customers are saying about us ...

Los Alamos National Laboratory Logo

After 2 years with another SSL provider, I switched to QualitySSL and haven't looked back. While the other vendor advertises itself as the most trusted SSL provider, they charge three times as much for the same SSL quality and had beyond horrible customer and billing services. QualitySSL on the other hand has provided certificates that work with all our users for four international experimental user facilities, has given excellent customer and billing services -- all at a very reasonable cost.

Dennis Little, Database Developer/Administrator, Los Alamos National Laboratory

AnimEigo Logo

QualitySSL got me out of a real jam when I needed a SSL cert for an old WebStar server - nobody else could generate the right certificate format. And later, when I moved to hosted service, they went above and beyond the call of duty to make it painless.
Very Highly Recommended!

Robert Woodhead, CEO & WebSlave, AnimEigo

LassoSoft Logo

We fully endorse QualitySSL. We've been working with them for many years and have never had an issue. We originally chose to go with them because of their stellar customer support and service. Can't go wrong with these guys!

Kerry Adams, Director of Sales, LassoSoft, LLC

Sport-Thieme Logo

Sport-Thieme is since 2004 a customer of QualitySSL. We are very satisfied with the support and we would wish that all our businesspartners were as affable, helpful and reliable.

Sport-Thieme ist seit 2004 Kunde bei QualitySSL. Wir sind mit dem Support sehr zufrieden und würden uns wünschen, dass alle unsere Geschäftspartner so umgänglich, hilfsbereit und zuverlässig sind.

Frank Wenzel, E-Commerce-Manager, Sport-Thieme GmbH

Novusweb Logo

After suffering through poor customer service with other vendors, we had the very good fortune of working with QualitySSL. A few of the adjectives that come to mind include fast, accommodating, courteous, professional and dedicated. We've never had a single problem obtaining a certificate, regardless of the circumstances relating to certification. We recommend QualitySSL to all our colleagues, proudly and without reservation.

Bret Williams, President/CEO, Novusweb Corporation

Sygate Logo

Initially, we decided on QualitySSL because of the very competitiveprices. However, it became apparent that the personal service from QualitySSL we received far exceeded the service levels of much higher priced SSL providers. With reasonable prices, excellent service, and knowledgeable support, we will be a QualitySSL customer for a very long time.

Walter Laxamana, IT Manager, Sygate Technologies

Maxum Logo

For me, the key is support, and the folks at QualitySSL have always been responsive and knowledgable. We've used QualitySSL repeatedly, and any time I have ever had a question, I always get prompt, direct answers from someone who knows what they are talking about. Extremely reasonable pricing is icing on the cake.

John O'Fallon, Founder, Maxum Development Corp.

Insight Internet Ltd. Logo

From the very first contact we made with QualitySSL while referencing which company we would use for our SSL certificate requirements, QualitySSL was at all times, extremely efficient, knowledgeable and prompt with their response and help. We will continue to use and recommend QualitySSL.

Bob Stokes, Managing Director, Insight Internet Ltd.

myinternet Limited Logo

We bought and renewed several certificates from QualitySSL for our core systems. I'm very happy with the price, diligence and service level provided and I will be recommending QualitySSL again.

Joshua Goodall, Principal Security Architect, myinternet Limited

Intrapromote LLC Logo

QualitySSL took the fear out of SSL. Their certificates are fully compatible with those from the other guys, their support is excellent, and their wildcard pricing is extremely economical. I wouldn't even consider another CA.

Cameron Knowlton, Technology Director and Senior Search Analyst, Intrapromote LLC

4D NET Center S.A. Logo

QualitySSL did always answer quickly and efficiently to all my questions. It's perfect knowledge of the products 4th Dimension, 4D Business Kit and 4D WebSTAR is extremely useful for setting up a certificate for one of these products. Installing a QualitySSL certificate is an easy task. The assistant is very useful and provides clear step by step information with screenshots for each of the 4th Dimension products. I recommend the company QualitySSL and it's excellent assistance.

Maurice Inzirillo, Technical Engineer, 4D NET Center S.A.

Nuric Corporation Logo

I have been involved in web hosting for 10 years and I have always dreaded the procurement of SSL certificates until I found QualitySSL. Always prompt and professional with their service. QualitySSL are definitely our company choice.

Rick Gell, Managing Director, Nuric Corporation

The Church of Sweden Logo

We choose QualitySSL because it was the best option for us since we needed a wildcard certificate to go with our ISA-server solution. The price was right and we've had no complaints with browsers not accepting it.

Tony Johansson, Network Administrator, The Church of Sweden

Incipiotech Logo

QualitySSL's service and follow-up have been excellent - we will use them for all our certificate needs!

Andy Fathollahi, President, Incipio Technologies, Inc.

All the testimonials are right on, excellent service, great product and even better prices. I've been using QualitySSL certificates for years now -- for my clients SSL needs as well as my own. Initially it was the price that enticed me to try QualitySSL, but I must admit I was a little concerned about compatibility and customer service. Needless to say, both of those concerns quickly went away after I installed and tested the very first certificate. I've always received nothing but expedient, cordial responses to my questions. I will continue using QualitySSL for as long as I have a need for SSL certificates and I would recommend them to anyone looking for an efficient, cost effective SSL solution.

Jon Raugutt, Independent Web/Software Developer, Raugutt Web Services

Thanks to QualitySSL, my customer is up and running as a secure site. The support I got was terrific-timely and responsive. I initially had some hesitation about getting service from a European supplier while I was on California time. My requests got responses right away. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend QualitySSL in the future. Great service, great price, too.

Fred Zelinsky, Crowsnest Software

QualitySSL was extremely patient with us in sorting our SSL and Private Key issues. They showed extreme professionalism and talked us through getting our certificate installed on our mail server without incident, even though we incorrectly did it the first time! They quickly got us up and running without a hint of frustration, we’ll definitely continue to use QualitySSL for our needs in the future! Thanks again!

Jeanne Ruesch, Ruesch Family Foundation

QualitySSL really goes the extra mile to help their customers. Pascal was able to go out of his way to make sure my company SSL was configured and installed properly. Most companies stop at the website checkout whereas QualitySSL really gives his customer the extra attention and support they need. Thanks for your support and will be using you again!

Greg Pandolfi, Arkay Packaging Corporation

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4D Danish Data Archive SOS International A/S Telering InfasTTR

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