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256-Bit SSL Certificates with Strong Encryption & Authentication

Quality SSL offers several SSL certificate products designed to meet your needs. Regardless of the number of domains, server type or number of servers you need to secure by SSL, one of our Quality SSL certificates listed below is right for you. In case you need more help to make your decision, feel welcome to contact us and we will help you make the right choice.

Standard Quality SSL Certificate Features

Quality SSL Certificate Products

QualitySSL Certificate

256-bit strong encryption and browser trust are features you expect from an SSL certificate, but we at QualitySSL have added some features you might not get from other SSL certificate authorities like 30 day money back guarantee, domain & identity validation, fast expert customer support, free certificate re-issuing, QualitySSL Trustlogo and the use of Subject Alternative Names (SANs) to make your single certificate for yourdomain.com also secure www.yourdomain.com (and vice versa).

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QualitySSL Mobile Certificate

The same great features as our QualitySSL Certificate, but with the benefit of being automatically trusted by Windows, Symbian and Palm mobile devices.

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QualitySSL Unified Communications Certificate

Using Subject Alternative Names (SANs), the QualitySSL UC Certificate can be used to enable SSL on up to 100 different domain and/or host names. This is the ideal solution to secure multiple Exchange Server 2007 services (OWA, SMTP, Autodiscovery, ActiveSync, and Outlook Anywhere) or Office Communications Server 2007, or any server where you want to secure multiple domain and/or host names with just one SSL certificate and one IP address.

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QualitySSL Wildcard Certificate

Need to secure an entire domain with unlimited subdomains ("www.yourdomain.com," "mail.yourdomain.com," etc.)? Do you use multiple servers that all need an SSL certificate? Then our QualitySSL Wildcard Certificate is the solution for you. Compared to other wildcard certificates on the market, our QualitySSL Wildcard Certificate is enhanced by the use of a Subject Alternative Name (SAN) to make your QualitySSL Wildcard Certificate for *.yourdomain.com also secure yourdomain.com.

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