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QualitySSL Mobile Certificate

If you want your server to be able to handle SSL connections with web and/or email enabled mobile devices, then our QualitySSL Mobile Certificate is the best solution for you. Besides all regular browsers, the QualitySSL Mobile Certificate is also automatically trusted by Windows, Symbian and Palm mobile devices.

  • Trusted by Windows, Symbian and Palm mobile devices
  • High Assurance SSL - Domain Name & Identity Verified
  • Browser Trust >99%
  • Up to 256-bit SSL Encryption
  • Free QualitySSL TrustLogo
  • Free Base Domain SSL Enabling
  • Fast Issuance, usually less then 24 hours
  • Fast Expert Customer Support
  • Up to 2 years lifetime
  • Unlimited Re-issuance Service
  • Automatic renewal reminders and early renewal options
  • 30 day money back guarantee

€149.00 a year - 2 year term
€169.00 a year - 1 year term

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Best Value for your Money

We believe that pricing, security, trust and customer service are key differentiators and we are not making any compromises, so you get the best value for your money.

Automatically trusted by Windows, Symbian and Palm mobile devices

As more and more mobile devices gain internet capabilities, the QualitySSL Mobile Certificate becomes the ideal certificate for servers you want to make securely accessible to these Windows, Symbian and Palm mobile devices. Like all our other QualitySSL Certificates, the QualitySSL Mobile Certificate is also inherently trusted by all regular browsers.

Unique Base Domain SSL Enabling Feature

Through QualitySSL's innovative & unique use of Subject Alternative Names (SANs), your QualitySSL Mobile Certificate for yourdomain.com will also secure www.yourdomain.com (and vice versa) at no extra cost, leaving less potential for browser warnings.

Domain Name & Identity Verified

Before we issue a QualitySSL Mobile Certificate, we do a complete domain name and identity verification, so you get a High Assurance SSL Certificate where the validated identity data becomes part of your QualitySSL Mobile Certificate. This enables your customers to verify your identity, giving them the confidence and trust they seek.

Free QualitySSL TrustLogo

With our unique QualitySSL TrustLogo, you further enhance trust and confidence in your online business by providing your customers with real-time assurance of your website identity through an easy to use "point to verify" action.

Try our QualitySSL TrustLogo, just point your mouse on the logo and get real-time assurance of our website identity.  

Fast Issuance

Thanks to our highly efficient validation routines, we are able to issue QualitySSL Certificates in hours instead of days.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We take customer care serious and our customers thank us for it. As a QualitySSL customers you can expect quick email, live chat and telephone support at no extra charge for any issues you may face or questions you may have when installing or using your QualitySSL Mobile Certificate.

You also get an unlimited re-issuance service, automatic renewal reminders and early renewal options and a 30 day money back guarantee.

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