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How To Order An SSL Certificate From QualitySSL

This page provides you with a step-by-step description on what you have to do to obtain an SSL Certificate from QualitySSL.

I. Determine the SSL Certificate product for your purpose

Depending on what you want to protect, might it be your Web, Intranet or Extranet site, we have a special SSL Certificate for each of those purposes.

To help you decide which SSL Certificate is right for you, you might want to take a look at our QualitySSL Certificates Overview page that gives you an overview of our entire SSL Certificate product family.

II. Prepare your documentation

A QualitySSL Certificate provides confirmation that the domain being visited is owned by the organization listed in the SSL Certificate and that the organization and its address itself does exist.

We therefore may request ONE of the following documents from you:

If the certificate has been ordered for a Business entity:

If the certificate has been ordered for a Government entity:

If the certificate has been ordered for a University/School entity:

If the certificate has been ordered for a Personal entity:

Make sure the address on your order, documentation and the whois record match.

Since our task is to verify that

  • The organization address provided on your documentation
  • The organization address entered into the Certificate Signing Request (CSR)
  • The registrant address listed in the WHOIS records for the domain name entered into the CSR

all match before we can issue your SSL Certificate, you can speed up the issuing process by making sure this is the case.

In case you use "Private Registration" with your domain name, you will have to suspend the private registration until our validation team has validated your address information, or provide us with alternative documentation that proofs that your organization is the domain owner and that the address matches your documentation address.

Useful links:

  • http://www.dnb.com/

    If you do not know your D-U-N-S number, you can contact your local Dun & Bradstreet Customer Service Center and they will be able to tell your D-U-N-S number.

  • http://www.who.is/

    Look up your domain information to see which registrant address is used on the domain name, or if the domain name uses private registration, so that you can notify your domain registrar if necessary.

III. Generate your Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

If you own or manage your own server, you will have to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR). If your web server is hosted by a third-party or an Internet Service Provider (ISP), then they will be able to provide the CSR for you.

For detailed instructions on how to generate your CSR, please take a look at our CSR generation support page.

Let your webmaster add the CSR to your order.

You can order your QualitySSL Certificate without having generated a CSR.

Once you have placed the order and have entered your payment info, our system helps you generate an e-mail that contains all the info needed to add a CSR to your order.

IV. Order your SSL Certificate

You can start the order process from our order page by clicking on the "Order Now" button/link besides the product you want to order.

Our 3 step order process works as follows:

  1. Order Details

    You will be able to select the lifetime for your SSL Certificate and enter the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) you have generated. Once you proceed, our system will check you CSR and you will be able to verify the contents of the CSR and if necessary enter a organizational contact for the domain name you want to use the SSL certificate with.

  2. Contact Details

    You will be able to choose if you are a returning customer, so that you can login to your QualitySSL account for a quick checkout, or if you are new to QualitySSL, you will be able to provide your name and address details and our system will automatically setup a QualitySSL account for you.

  3. Review & Confirm Order

    This is the last step before sending your order to us, which allows you to review the product you are going to order and the total order price.

    In case you have been given a promotion code, you will be able to enter it in this step and by clicking on the "validate" button you will see the discounted price before you confirm your order.

VAT note concerning organizations based in the European Union (EU)

In step 2, we will ask for your VAT number, since if you do not have a valid VAT number, we must charge the Danish Value Added Tax (VAT). You may then later recover the VAT as part of your regular VAT returns.

The Danish VAT is 25.00% and you will be shown the VAT and Total amount before you confirm your order in step 3.

Danish organizations always have to pay the Danish VAT.

V. Pay for your order

Once you have confirmed your order, you are presented with a page that shows your order number and a "Proceed to Payment Page" button. Click on the "Proceed to Payment Page" button and you will be forwarded to a secure payment page where you enter your payment details.

VI. Proof of Domain Name Control

In order to ensure that a QualitySSL Certificate is been issued with the approval of the organizational contact , we send and e-mail to the organizational contact you have entered in the order. The e-mail we send contains instructions on how to approve/disapprove the issuing of the QualitySSL Certificate you order. Once the order has been approved we will be able to process your order.

In case the organizational contact disapproves the order, you will receive an e-mail and you will have 7 days time to resolve the issue before the order is canceled and your payment is refunded.

VII. We process your order

Once we have received your payment information, we start processing your order. In case we already have a record of your company and domain name(s) in our database, we will be able to expedite your SSL application. In most cases, this means that validation of your application and issuance of your SSL Certificate may only take a few minutes.

VIII. Install your QualitySSL Certificate

Once we have issued your QualitySSL Certificate, you will be notified by e-mail, so that you can login to your QualitySSL Account and install your QualitySSL Certificate on your server by following our customized step-by-step instructions.

Need More Help ?

Please feel welcome to contact us by

    E-mail support@qualityssl.com

    Phone +45 30 29 19 09

for any technical or installation issues or just for advice on SSL.